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Our Services

Taxi & Accident Cameras

Taxi cameras are an economic, discreet and secure way to keep your drivers safe. As certified installers and authorized dealers of several recognized camera brands like: Smart Witness, 247 security, VerifEye Technologies, South West Mobile we can ensure you will find a model that fits your needs.

We can also provide with accident recording cameras. Equip your car, bus, taxi or truck with a camera that can capture High Definition images of the road and inside the vehicle, as well as GPS location, speed and G forces.

There is no better way to prevent an accident fraud or accurately determine fault and fairly adjust claims other than crystal clear video images with audio and telematics data from the vehicle involved in the accident, get yours NOW!.

GPG Trackers & Fleet Management Systems

We offer a variety of solutions based on GPS technology. Among the GPS applications and services we offer are: GPS Tracking for your fleet with starter disable option, Digital Dispatch for your taxi base or distribution fleet, complete Fleet management solution with driving behavior monitor and speed alarm to make your driving more safe, with this you’ll never get a speeding ticket again.
Adding GPS trackers to your personal, leased, rentals or fleet vehicles is a discreet, safe and efficient way to keep your assets and family safe

Two Way Radios & Repeaters

We provide professional communications services for Taxi bases taxi drivers, hospitals, security company, etc. Here you’ll find a wide variety of Two Way radios options and repeaters service to choose from, in UHF, VHF, LOW BAND, Mobiles or Portables, new or used, and at an affordable price!

Also if you need to apply for a new FCC license or renew your current license we can help you. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality products and services at the lowest price.

Taxi Meters & Roof Lights

We are Taximeters experts, servicing the industry for over 11 years, we are a licensed Taximeter shop by the NY Taxis and Limousines Commission (TLC), certified By Pulsar, Centrodyne & Taxitronics taxi meters manufacturers, worldwide leaders in the taximeters industry.
You don’t need to go too far to get your taxi meters installed, repaired, re certify or calibrated, because now we offer our professional service near you. Now In Mount Vernon 1 Block away from Yonkers and minutes away from New Rochelle & White Plains.

27 S. West Street, Mount Vernon NY 10550