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Taxi Meters

The Pulsar 2030R features a bright display, integraded thermal printer and simple operation. The four buttons used for normal daily meter activity are flanked by additional buttons, used for printing and special functions when these become available. The meter can be interfaced with automobile electronics or older transducer systems via an external module called a “Sendiv” that allows conditioning and dividing functions without opening the meter shell for adjustment setting. It makes the vehicle’s information source and the meter’s computer talk to each other properly.

  • -Interfaces to a dispatch system via its RS232 serial port
  • -Easy installation, comes with a pulse divider.
  • -Uses large, bright, easy to read LED displays for easy viewing.
  • -Change rates instantly with the push of a button.
  • -Shipped with mounting bracket and wiring harness.
  • -Durable metal case (not plastic)
  • -Each meter can be given its own electronic serial number